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Copper Repipe Cost

When it comes to copper repipe cost there are many factors the come into place. The first thing is the going price for the material, as copper is a commodity prices fluctuate with the market, and the cost of the copper pipes accounts for the largest portion of the re pipe estimate. The copper repipe cost is going to increase greatly depending on how much copper pipe and how many fitting are going to be need to complete the job. Another factor is whether or not you need the main line replaced(usually replaced if the main line is galvanized pipe). If there are obstacles in the way of where you have to run the main line or if there is a long distance between the house and the city meter, the main line could make a repipe cost a lot more.

There are a lot more materials that add cost other than copper needed to repipe. There is solder, flux, mapp gas, pipe straps, pipe insulation, isolators, pipe fittings, 1/4 turn shut offs, angle stops, supply lines, and all the hose bibbs, pressure regulator, pressure release valves, and any other valves need to complete the job.

The second largest cost involved in copper repiping is the labor. If you choose a plumbing contractor that specializes in copper repiping the cost could be a bit cheaper do to the fact that most copper re-pipe crews can get the job done quicker therefore less labor cost.

My advice to anyone looking to get a copper re-pipe is to first off and most importantly make sure the contractor is using type "L" copper to repipe your home, and to make sure all pipes are strapped and all the necessary regulators and shut off valves will be installed, as many contractors will try to cut cost on those materials so they can bid low just to get the job.The cleaning of the fittings and the pipes is an essential step. A flux paste is usually used. This is an acid that cleans the copper and makes it capable of being soldered. You also need to make sure that the hot and cold water are connected to the correct pipes.

Keeping your home's plumbing system in top shape is crucial to the overall upkeep and worth of your house or commercial building. Sometimes we take our plumbing for granted, but once some thing goes wrong, like a slab leak, or low water pressure, understanding the importance of a copper re piping or re plumbing and the proper care and service of this crucial water system.