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 Copper Repipe Homes And Apartments

Should you be living in Los Angeles, or anywhere in Orange County for that matter,your house is probably more than thirty years old. Which means your current plumbing system is old and out of date, and having a copper repipe or re plumbing might be exactly what you need to improve your entire plumbing system. Homes built in this section of the country were piped with iron or galvanized pipes, which means they have a zinc coating. After a while the zinc metabolizes, leading to rusty or leaky pipes.

Los Angeles and Orange County are metropolitan areas in Southern California . There are mostly older and historic homes in this area and they'll need to have copper repiping or whole house re plumbing as soon as the smallest plumbing problem is noted. This area was also badly affected by the earthquake in 1994, and many of the homes here were either entirely devastated or severely damaged. When the rebuilding process began in Los Angeles and Orange County the following year the plumbing systems were not taken into account in general due to the lack of funding along with the difficulties with insurance claims to cover this part of the damage.

It is usually easy to tell when you're ready for re-plumbing or a home copper repipe installation. Your water pressure could possibly have dropped drastically, or you could possibly have found a leak in your pipes. The best thing to do is to call your plumber and get started with the repiping procedure immediately. Many people attempt to do a home repipe job on their own, only to discover they are not able to achieve this on their own and must call in a professional plumbing company.


The cleaning of the fittings and the pipes is an essential step. A flux paste is usually used. This is an acid that cleans the copper and makes it capable of being soldered. You also need to make sure that the hot and cold water are connected to the correct pipes.

Keeping your home's plumbing system in top shape is crucial to the overall upkeep and worth of your house or commercial building. Sometimes we take our plumbing for granted, but once some thing goes wrong, like a leaking or broken pipe, we understand the importance of a copper re-pipe and the proper care and service of this crucial water system.

Whether you live in Los Angeles, or the Orange County, keeping your home's plumbing system in top condition is important to your peace of mind as well as to the full worth of your property.